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Maybe the market is soft, or your home is somewhat unique and doesn’t appeal to a wide range of buyers. For whatever reason, you’re considering sweetening the pot by offering owner financing.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Home in Colorado.. Often, what seems like a way to save money initially can end up costing the buyer considerably more in not only dollars, but also in time and frustration.. Do Not Act as Your Own General Contractor.

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Evaluate Your Lawn. Going "nuclear" shouldn’t be your first option. Instead, start with spot applications of weed killer, dethatching and core aeration. But if you still see more than 60 percent weeds at the start of the next growing season, your lawn is too far gone to save. Your best option is to nuke it and replant.

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Get lawn care tips for green grass, quicker mowing or no-mow lawn ideas, and easier lawn fertilizing from the experts at

In-home care can consist of low-assistance healthcare maintenance tasks, but often consists primarily of assistance with activities of daily living, such as personal grooming, cooking and eating meals, and basic mobility. When Medicaid provides in-home care, it usually does so through a licensed home.

One question we hear from time to time when discussing home building is: "Can I save money by building my own home?" While it’s a fair question, it’s usually asked as the result of a homeowner seeing an infomercial for a "do-it-yourself home building kit," or some other system sold by a company that specializes [.]

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When you go home to visit your aging parents, look for these 8 clues that they might need in-home care or other help. 10 Clues Your Aging Parents Need Help – (800) 973-1540

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Starting a market gardening business from the ground. money . . . honest. Some are born into the gardening business, others have it thrust upon them. I only intended to grow what I needed. My.