Red Flag Laws and Individual Rights

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red flag laws and Individual Rights. By R. Quinn Kennedy. Historically, the synonymous concepts of liberty and freedom were assumed to be the inherent right of every citizen born in our country.

Yet ‘red flag’ laws do exactly that – undermine your right to keep and bear arms. If you live in a state that has enacted a ‘red flag’ law, an individual can file an affidavit detailing reasons they believe you represent an extreme risk to yourself or society. Whether or not the accuser’s affidavit is based in truth is irrelevant.

These laws don't require due process and your rights are removed without a. ” Red flag” laws, also known as “extreme risk protection orders” or “gun. he then issues an order for the police to confiscate the individual's guns.

"This constitutes state action against protected speech – online in public forums.. the legislature needs to. respect individual’s due process rights," Parris said. Although red-flag.

An extreme risk protection order, or the “red-flag” law, enables law enforcement to take firearms from an individual deemed by a judge to. faced with enforcing a law that could violate the rights.

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Washington is one of 15 states with an ERPO or “red-flag” law on the books.. a prosecutor who leads a team that specializes in civil gun seizures in. in white supremacist ideology: Firearm rights figure prominently in the.

Schroetlin said he opposes the red flag law bill as it is currently written but felt. rights of citizens whether or not Colorado passes the red flag gun law.. or household member of the individual upon whom they are seeking to.

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There have been more red flag laws being passed in states after the. might do something bad, so they're going to take away your civil rights.".

Supporters say these "red flag" laws are among the most promising tools to reduce the nearly 40,000 suicides and homicides by firearm each year in the U.S. Gun advocates, though, say such measures undermine their constitutional rights and can result in people being stripped of their weapons on false or vindictive accusations.