Polis Has Busy Week

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The Colorado Springs Police Department’s Community Impact Team has been busy this week.The team, which cracks down on violent crime, gang activity and repeat and violent offenders, arrested two men. Farmers may not catch a break to plant corn this week

Gov. Jared Polis has had a busy week signing a number of bills into law, including several sponsored by local lawmakers. Others, like the journos at GQ, argue that Polis is simply poorly dressed in general – or was, at least, until a wardrobe upgrade several years.

Polis has only been in office for two months and two groups want to recall him over gun control, oil and gas regulation and the national popular vote compact.

Shares of Disney (NYSE: DIS) hit all-time highs last week. The stock has been cooling down lately — heading lower. There.

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EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14) – U.S. Border patrol agents continue to encounter and apprehend large groups of migrants trying to illegally enter the U.S. from Mexico. The Border Patrol says agents.

Things are a little slower this week in terms of concert announcements. Since then, the song’s author, former child.

Over the last week or so. Summary Oncolytics continues to have a busy schedule on several fronts with additional posters presented and the announcement of more relationships with collaborators. The.

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 · Busy Week it HAS BEEN Published on June 23, 2018 June 23, 2018 by Anonymous Drunk Getting ready for the Eastern Area Assembly this weekend and thinking about how much we’ve accomplished in the past 7 days!!!

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Jared Polis says global warming is threatening the nation’s security. (credit: CBS) The committee held a hearing at the University of Colorado. Earlier this week, committee members toured three.

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The week is probably still occurring when a speaker uses "It has been a busy week." A speaker might use this on Friday to talk about the days of Monday through Friday. If the week had already passed, I’d expect to hear the past simple: Last week was a busy week.