Minimalism, Motherhood, and How to Rediscover Green Living

To that end, allow me to offer 7 areas of life where living with less can be sampled. They are designed to be picked one-by-one, risk-free. Conducting each experiment for 3-4 weeks will give a good feel for the practical benefits, but hey, it’s your experiment. You decide the length.

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Is your life crazy? After actively working toward a minimalist or simplified lifestyle, we have learned some of the benefits and downfalls of minimalism: 6 months in. I have written a few times about Minimalism. A better term for how we are approaching this lifestyle is more like "Simplification". With as many little people as we have, we.

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Minimalism, Motherhood, and How to Rediscover Green Living Read More 7 Successful Female Entrepreneurs & Their Advice For You We’re fortunate to live in a time where women can pave their own way and start their own business – a time where being a female entrepreneur is a.

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Minimalism, Motherhood, and How to Rediscover Green Living I like to think that I was a minimalist before it was cool. With a background in architecture and design, I have always appreciated the elegant lines of mid-century modern furniture, and the clean aesthetic of many Japanese homes.

Evelyn shares about her young family’s journey to live modestly, frugally, and green in her blog, Smallish. Mom to four kids, Evelyn writes about living with a small budget, a small footprint, and in a small space with a large family. This faith-based blogger shares touching stories and real-life perspective on her minimalism journey.

Minimalist Living Tips: 8 Essential Rules For Living With Less. You might think minimalist living has a particular look to it: clean white counters or a closet holding exactly 30 items, for example. But a minimalist lifestyle isn’t about fitting all your worldly possessions into a single backpack (though if that’s your goal,

The next day, she began doing living room workouts and researching different recipes. “I had chronic pain, so I found recipes for inflammation,” Shanee explains. “I found green smoothies. helping.

the minimalist painter; when they bought the house, “around 2005 or 2006,” it reminded them of Nantucket. “My dad would paint here; they both find it so relaxing,” Brown says. “For lack of a better.

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