Khalon (2 Year Old Male Pit Mix)

My husband and I have a one year old pit bull and a three year old lab mix. The dogs love each other to pieces and virtually have never had an issue. Pitbulls : Go Pitbull Dog Forums. 1 year old male pit bull is suddenly aggressive.

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Trixie is a darling female american staffordshire terrier and English bulldog mix staying at California Pit Bull Rescue.

A 1-year-old female pit bull has the enthusiasm of any dog still dealing with puppy energy in an adult-sized body. With a terrier’s exuberance and an athlete’s stamina, a young bully girl needs an owner with the right information to direct her energy and help her mature into a calm companion.

 · I have a 2 year old rescued pit bull mix who is the biggest sweetheart. However when he gets crazy (which happens with all pits) he immediately goes to biting my hands/arms. I have tried to hide my arms (which I can’t do all the time), scolding him, and yelping to make him think he hurt me. He has never broken the skin and it’s all in play but it needs to stop, especially because I don&#39;t.

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Judge sends Utica man to prison for ‘despicable’ dog killing Alexander Gerth was convicted of killing and torturing his two-year-old pit bull mix, Sterling, because he "wasn’t getting along with him.".

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