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OSHA guidelines for portable electric cord sets, or extension cords, allow temporary usage of extension cords for remodeling, maintenance, repair or demolition of buildings, and holiday lighting needs. According to OSHA, temporary is defined as a 90-day period.

I cut a power cord while in use now electrical socket is dead? My hedge trimmer handle fell off while I was using it (!!) and the blades cut partially through the power cord when I lost control. Of course I saw sparks and turned it off immediately.

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Hard service flexible cords No. 12 or larger may be repaired if spliced so that the splice retains the insulation, outer sheath properties, and usage characteristics of the cord being spliced. This standard permits you to repair an extension cord, under the conditions set forth, provided the cord is a flexible cord that is No. 12 or larger.

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Cut off old plug – Replacing Plug Power Cord. Cut off old plug – Replacing Plug Power Cord. Cut off old plug – Replacing Plug Power Cord. Visit. How to Replace a Power Cord Plug. How to Replace a Power Cord Plug.

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With the damaged part or section of cord cut off, use a utility or razor knife to remove 3/4-inch to 1-inch of the neoprene-jacket from the cable. Carefully score around the circumference of the jacket without cutting into the wires inside, and then pull off the jacket. Strip 1/2-inch of insulation from the black, white and green wires.

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How To Check Your Extension Cords. First, check your extension cords where the wire meets the plugs on both ends. Ensure that the plugs are securely attached, with no gap of any size between the wire and the plug. You should be able to gently twist and tug on the ends of the cord without the plug shifting at all.

EXTENSION CORD INSPECTIONS Extension cords are a safe and convenient way of providing pow-er to portable equip-ment. Make sure that the thickness of the cord is the same, or even larger, than the cord of the tool being powered. You risk overloading the circuit if you plug one exten-sion cord into another.

If you’ve ever severed an extension cord with an electric hedge trimmer (most popular way to sever), this video is for you. You’ll need some shrink tubing, solder, soldering iron, and patience.