15 Cities Where STEM Jobs are on the Rise

Let's Become the Next. BIG THING. Last year, stem contributed b to Utah's economy. Let's discover what STEM can do for Utah's future.

Though industry experts can’t come to a consensus on whether there’s currently a shortage or surplus of STEM jobs, if you’re considering a career in any of the 30 jobs on our Best STEM Jobs list.

That has led to the rise of what some economists. richest metro areas than in other large cities, Muro calculates. Only 15.

The share of STEM jobs in the local economy, 5%, is close to the national average but STEM employment is up 18% since 2006. Tech employment has grown rapidly, with the job count at tech companies up an impressive 68% since 2006, led by 1,700% growth at Internet-based businesses and 8,100 new jobs in custom programming and systems design.

In general, short-termism gives short shrift to what seems to be near certain catastrophic results that are now not that far in the future: many coastal areas will be underwater starting within three.

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there are nearly two open STEM jobs for every STEM applicant nationwide. By 2018, even if every single American master’s or Ph.D. graduate in science, technology, engineering, and math ("STEM") were to take a job in their field, the United States would still face a shortfall of more than 200,000 advanced degree STEM workers.

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New jobs evolve from the crucible of social change. Technological and cultural change come together, causing employers to alter their production processes, eliminating one type of job and typically, but not always, creating another. People with skills to perform these new jobs are usually in great demand for some time.

These are the 15 most useless degrees out. So even if you do manage to land a job, you may have to make ends meet in one.

Alaska and Utah’s STEM jobs have each grown 18%, while both states have seen double-digit percentage increases in all jobs. Results for every state are detailed in the table below. We also included the change in concentration (measured by location quotient, or LQ) for STEM-related workers from ’01 to ’11 across every state.